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February 22nd, 2024

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What is Think Like a Programmer?

Think Like a Programmer is a social tech event open to all Girl Scouts. We'll hang out, build projects, and have fun!

What will the event contain?

We’ll have workshops covering design thinking, which we’ll use to find creative and innovative solutions to community problems.

What if I’ve never coded before?

That's perfectly okay! We’ll be focusing less on coding and more on ideation and problem solving.

Will I need a team?

Nope! You’ll be working by yourself so you can earn your badge.

How much does attendance cost?

Attendance is $60, which includes your badge! Registration can be found here. Financial assistance is available.

What should I bring?

You should bring lunch and a laptop. We also have Chromebooks available if you don’t have a laptop.

My parents or I have another question.

No worries! Contact customercare@gsema.org about any questions you may have.

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